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Slow Down 2022

I am ashamed that I have not kept up this Blog....I have no excuse except this year has passed so fast, in fact the last 2 years are a blur of trying to manage during the Pandemic and now whatever this is!!! Trying to run a small business has sure been a challenge. I am sure it has been challenging for you too. The weather has been a wildcard also...strange though that the Tropics are being so quiet...we are well into Hurricane Season. We have had some good events, though not as well attended as before the Covid, people seem to be staying home Gas prices are not helping. We are sort of off the beaten path, so I am trying to think of ways to make us Gas-Worthy :) As we enter late Summer....the main thing that has happened is that our Farm has refocused. When we opened in 2017, we were "just a little Herb Farm" that held Drum Circles occasionally. We have really become an educational Farm now, sharing knowledge for organic gardening, small farming, farm animals, cut flowers, bee keeping, Growing & Using the Herbs and more, as well as expanding our music, that now we have a non-profit Fiscal Sponsor for the Music at the Farm. God is leading us to work with Tidewater Music Therapy, Handicapped Persons and Autistic Adults too. Who knew the Drum Beat could be so Healing! We are busy now getting training so we can give programs that will bless everyone. We recently held a "Let's Farm Day"...a day of Farm Skill Classes. It was clear that people want to learn more about being self-sustaining and growing their own food. We have actually built an Online Farm too, our own politics allowed, where we are working & growing together and a place we can share online courses and programs. It is FREE to join, the link to join is on the front page of the website....scroll down and you will see the link. I am working on the website and programs now...we are happily adjusting and looking ahead to moving forward with a slightly new mission....we are not "just a little Herb Farm" We are a Wellness Farm. Come Learn, Grow and Sing with Us. Please jump in as led! be well.

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