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Our Community Moving Forward-

Ok....our Community Blog is off to a slow start, but if you have visited the Farm know we are moving forward with inspired JOY! Not much time left in the day to write...we are so busy creating, growing, networking, promoting all we are offering here. We are united in our efforts to share natural wellness through the herbs, music and lifestyles. We need to work more on the Podcast too! :) Plans are to interview different Farmily Members as to how they feel about our will be good! New in 2021 is our monthly "themed" Wellness Days...find them on the Farm Events page...they are unique that they end with community food and music programs. We feel music heals almost as well as the herbs! Stop by to visit soon...we will have tean and talk and show you our new indoor gathering area where we will hold Music events, educational classes and can work together in the kitchen too! We are also very proud to have been accepted by a Non Profit Fiscal Sponsor for our Music at the Farm - Our Rhythm Share! Sing a Song of Wellness!

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