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No Perfect People....

As I was creating this title I feel it is an important message for me to absorb! :) We all feel stress and want everything to be perfect in our lives & businesses, but seldom can that be possible and we are just causing ourselves unhealthy vibes by striving for it. What has caused me to want to share this is because, I am stressed by being so far behind at the Farm and here comes Programs & Events starting up and I just don't feel ready....but you know, are we ever really ready! I belong to a wonderful business group..... we all support each other, sharing success and failures, we have discussed how perfectionism really "slows our roll"..... bogging us down, when really getting your business out there, imperfect as it is, is better than not getting it out there at all!

Our Farm has so much to offer and it takes consistent work.....if I didn't like the work, I would not do it! :) I do like it, as exhausting as it is, in fact I love & thrive on it! So.... whether in our lives or our work.... ignore the weeds, they will always be there. Breathe with me, have some healing tea and look looking back, you aren't going that way!

Early Spring Blessings from Jean at CA & J Farm.

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