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Just Start....

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

New Website, New Blog...I just gotta start! To catch up this blog...let's talk about this challenging year of Covid! When January 2020 started I had a slamming year planned at the farm, full of educational field trips, 4H groups, gardening groups, senior groups, etc. Our farm was scheduled to participate at various festivals and events. EVERYTHING had to be either cancelled or reconfigured for virtual...WOW! It has been quite a year of adjustments...but I can't complain too much, I have kept my workers, the Farmily, working and we have grown. We were able to hold our annual Herbalist Course, it started in June instead of April, but went well, no one cancelled...they will graduate in November and the course is already full for 2021. We have been able to hold a few beautiful Drum Circles and our Farm Community has grown with lots of wonderful volunteers investing their time and energies in the farm. Our Farmily has grown close. I did not have to take out any loans and we will be ok. CA was able to work at home and fulfill his work responsibilities. I feel so blessed. Some have not fared so well. I am grateful for it all, especially our Farmily! The Authors for these posts will be ever changing...many minds create diversity...the different writers will identify themselves. We learn so much from hearing others thoughts, things we hadn't thought of...perspectives to consider...a win-win to everyone! Enjoy!

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