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I learned a lot last year....

2022 was sure a blur! Was it like that for you too? Some programs returned to the Farm, but Covid was still hanging around making everyone nervous. We did stop the Organic Landscaping Side Hustle though....and focused on the Farm more. It needed it....we had been so busy landscaping other's properties that the Farm really needed some love and hard work! In October I got in my own way by breaking my arm when I slipped and fell on the wet, slippery back deck rushing to load the truck for a Drum Program in Williamsburg. Oh.... we have returned to being a Tidewater Arts Outreach Farm, they pay us a stipend to perform our various Drum Programs at Nursing homes, retirement villages, memory care units, Special Needs Centers and more.... we consider it our Community Outreach Program. We love the places we are going and TAO...check them out!

We began our Free Online Farm platform on the Mighty Networks late last Spring and it is really coming together! It is not Social Media but our own space to share wellness, farm skills, herbal knowledge and more! You will find chat features, topics, groups... not a place to waste your whole day but get what you need from a community and get back to your busy life! We are just starting THE GROW CLUB, a group you can join for $20 a month, for Enthusiastic Gardeners, Small Farms, Homesteaders and Herb lovers. I will post the link below to check it out!

2023 is looking interesting as we move arm is well and I am excited about what our Farm is doing! We have become even more educational, 2023 will be the 5th year of our Annual Herbalist Course and we are almost full! It starts in April and ends in Oct., 1 Saturday a month 10am-4pm. We only take 15 Students a year...we like the class small and personal. All the details are on the website, under the Educational page drop-down.

Natural Wellness, Farm Skills and Music with a Positive Beat is what we are about! Check us out and join us.... the entire year Event Schedule is on the website Events & Music page. Jump in as led! be well.

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