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Farm Journal: March 21st thru 27th, 2022

* FTE landscaped 3/21 in Gloucester, 3/22 at Zoll Vineyards. We are booking into May with our Landscaping Team. Dustin will be stepping down after April 5th from FTE but will still be at the Farm on Thursdays. Talking with a few people wanting to join the Team. If you are interested in being with us or being on the sub list, let me know.

* Our Thursday workday, 3/24th was rained out! It rained so hard and flooded the farm so bad I closed the farm to the public.

* Due to the flooding we cancelled the Drum Circle scheduled for 3/ where to safely park. next one is Earth Day, April 22, 6-8. We will be raffling off an Earth Flag! just like the one we fly at the Farm. It is always Earth Day at CA & J Farm :)

* Too wet for any mowing but Tiffany and Missy were able to work with me getting The Hive ready for the Spring into Wellness Retreat scheduled 3/26. Brenda worked also getting the store in shape with some cleaning and unboxing some new items.

* 3/26/22 Spring into Wellness Retreat 10am-4pm: lots of last minute signups...went well! This was our first day long retreat...we learned a lot. Michelle and I will have an after action meeting this Friday to discuss what could be better. This year's retreat included: 2 stress reducing and restoring yoga sessions, Discover Weed Walk where we gathered a Wild Salad which we consumed at lunch with a light lemon garlic dressing. Wraps, Boiled Chicken & Duck eggs, kale salad, Ginger Cookies for lunch. Drum meditation at the Labyrinth, Herb Presentation at the Fire, final Drum Circle at the end of the day, Guests took home a lavender plant with care instructions.

We will do it again....maybe a Peace Retreat in the early Fall...stay tuned.

* Kathy Vanmullekom from the Daily Press asked me to submit an article with pictures for an upcoming May Edition about the Farm. So honored to be asked...every notice like this helps the Farm! I will post the article when I get it.

* Zoomed with Lauren Cummings, our Intern from Longwood College...she is back from Spring Break and working hard. She had been researching hashtags and how we should use them, also working on Affiliate marketing and helping me with Instagram and much more! She has done a lot of work on the website SEO and is helping me set up a Link-tree with all of our links set up handy to post easily! Thank you Lauren. She will be working with us until she finishes this semester in mid it!

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