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Farm Journal 3/13/22-3/20/22

Farm Journal Entry 3/13/22 thru 3/20/22

* The seedlings we started are growing well, under the lights in the Grow Room. We have neatened and created a good space there for them. I am adding Gnatrol to their water on kills the larvae in the potting soil that causes fungus gnats and whiteflies. Putting out the sticky traps too to capture adults. Fungus gnats and whiteflies are a problem in any grow area. I will add liquid Fish Fertilizer to their water on Fridays to make them strong. Starting more seeds weekly now....first day of Spring was yesterday, 3/20. Our last frost date is mid be careful putting out the heat loving annuals yet! Setting up a hardening off area between the 2 Shed...will give a protected space for the baby plants to get accustomed to the elements before we plant in the ground. So much to do.....need to get VG1 an VG2 ready for planting! Planting time is almost here.

* Tiffany and I helped Missy begin work on her lovely front flower bed 3/15/22. She will help us at the Farm too....working together works! :) FTE then landscaped at an estate in Hartfield from 1-5, then headed for the Mathews Farmers Market organizational meeting in the Mathews Library at 6pm. It was packed....Mathews has had a wonderful, thriving market for many years. I participated in many of the local markets before I opened the farm to the public in 2017 We will be at the Mathews Farmers Market one Saturday a month April thru Oct., setup is at 8am, the market is open 9am-1pm. YOU are welcome to join us any morning you can and be part of the Fun! You are welcome to bring items to sell also and share our set up. The dates are: 4/16, 5/28, 6/25, 7/09, 8/06, 9/03, 10/01

* Our second Tea & Talk- a Wellness Gathering was March 16th, 7-8pm. Only half of those that signed up attended but we still had a wonderful hour! Interviewed Michelle Ausura, our Farm Yogini about the upcoming Spring into Wellness Retreat this coming Saturday, March 26th, 10-4pm. We still have openings if you want to check out the details and jump in. This is the link for details and tickets at the Tea & Talk, we also had some music meditations, discussed the herbs that help you sleep and other herbs as well. Open discussions are always so learn a lot. These are a good thing that I am certain will continue to grow each month. The next one is April 20th, 7-8pm...see the details on the Event. These are $10 to some, but FREE to Farm Herbalists, Team Leaders and Thursday Farmily. Join us! You will love it :)

* Our Thursday workday got rained out, but thank you to Tiffany and Dustin for helping get the Farm ready for Karaoke & Open Mic Night on Friday. What a wonderful night! At first we thought almost no one was attending then a lot came late....we had some wonderfully talented people perform! I put out about 8 Facebook you can see the videos on my Facebook timeline - Jean Howard. The Hive is really coming together thanks to everyone's help...the tables have farm logo clothes on them now and we have some hightop rounds too! Friday was nice, we opened the doors, had a fire and some seating right outside the Hive for people to enjoy. The Freshcetta Gluten Free pizza was delicious...we kept it warm with a Chick Heater :) very farm like! Had 4, I will get 6 next time....these will grow! Plan on attending the next one April 8th, 6-9, bring a friend!

* Michelle and I produced a video inviting people to the Spring into Wellness Retreat! posted it on Facebook...lots of people "hearting" it and good comments....hope they will buy a ticket! We will go with the flow and not take it personally if this is not well attended...people are money cautious right now and just staying close to home.

* Marilen Crump, my Friend, Business Mentor & Coach came to the Farm for 3 hours Friday to help me start to get the Yellow Barn Store online. She is also our "Community Assistant" on this online platform...Thank you Marilen! Love you. you can private message her on this platform or look her up on Artinspired on Facebook.

* Finally finished all the data entry for our 2021 Taxes...we still lost some monies, but better than the year before and since we have been dealing with the Covid Situation for 2 years, I am just glad to still be here kicking! :) We will continue to move forward in 2022 hoping to improve our bottom line in spite of everything costing a fortune now! We love a challenge, don't we! :) We will finish getting our Non Profit Fiscal Sponsor in place and apply for some Grants too. I have faith that God will bless our sincere efforts! Breathe and Forward.

*coming up - FTE landscaping Mon & Tues, Thursday Workday is rained out again! :( Weather looks good for Drum Circle Friday night, 6-8pm and Spring into Wellness Retreat 10-4 Saturday. Be well...jump in as you feel it!

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