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Farm Journal 3/06/22 - 3/13/22

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

March 13th, 2022

* weather continues to be crazy, but we are managing!

* Seeds we started have germinated and thriving! starting more each week.

* Last Thursday was the strangest day....weird energy, lots of our regular workers could not make it. Brenda, Blair, Tiffany and I still got a lot done even though it was really cold and raw. We started some cut flower seeds and worked on a new song: Freedom and organized our first puppet program! then we all quit at 3pm :)

* Farm Team Earthscaping worked Mon and Tues.

* I met with Zoll Vineyards....FTE will be working there March 22nd.

* Had a lot of visitors on Friday...closed Saturday for bad weather, plus I attended a funeral.

* Ordered Sunflower Seeds...will start them as soon as they arrive!

* this coming week: online Tea & Talk March 16th ; onland Karaoke & Open Mic March 18th.

* I am still struggling with: taxes, getting our Non-Profit Sponsor settled and the online store...took some time to spring clean my nasty house! :)

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