Our Rabbit Colony began in 2019 and has grown so much

that we think it is time to sell some of our beautiful Bunnies! 

Most of our Rabbits are Angora Lionheads with lovely fur and fancy hairdos :)  These are not meat rabbits, they are too small... they are the pet type rabbit. They have been living free in a fenced in area, but a large cage is very humane for them...just furnish all they need. You can litter box train a bunny to live in your home like a cat...or keep them in a large cage, there are lots of shows on YouTube about how to care for and train your Bunnies. Rabbits are very social and loving, like any pet...you just need to spend time with them! We are selling our Bunnies for $25 each...stop by to see the variety of males and females we have...

I will post some pictures below.  

rabbit 3.jpg
rabbit 2.jpg