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Natural Weed Control:

1 Gallon Vinegar
2 cups Epson Salts
1/4 cup Dawn Dish Liquid

Mix in a gallon sprayer, spray on the weeds in the morning after the dew is gone.  Weeds will be dead by the evening.   

Our Solar Power:

This local, Family owned Solar Company is wonderful! Restored our faith that good customer service is not dead! They were affordable, flexible, punctual and respectful.  You will love what they can do for your preparedness plan! 


P.E.G. Alternative Energy
Joe and Rachel Ordia

P.E.G.Alternative Energy. Inc.
11044 Richardson Rd., Suite A29
Ashland, Va  23005


Natural Rooting Hormone:

When starting a new plant from a leaf or stem cutting, the cutting will be more likely to form roots and create a new plant if a rooting hormone is used. 
While commercial rooting hormone can be used there are organic homemade versions that work as well. 

To make rooting hormone soak the yellow-tipped shoots of a weeping willow tree in water. A tea made from the bark of a willow tree is also effective. When using the shoots or bark soak them for 24 hours prior to using. 

Some people have found that using honey makes an effective rooting hormone as well.
Heard of sticking an aspirin in vase of cut flowers before to keep flowers fresh! Willow bark gives you aspirin… so there may be a link with the DIY rooting hormone above? Just a thought!

Blackberry Leaf Tea....very simple, great for weight loss, preventing hair loss and more!




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