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Life Close to Nature Herbal Course Details: 

Congratulations to our 2020 Herbalist who are graduating from our course! 

You are part of the Farmily now...keep in touch with us! 

Become an Herbalist at our Medicinal Herb Farm in 2021! The 2021 Course Dates are listed below! 
"Life Close to Nature" Herbal Course- One Saturday a month, 10am-4pm, April thru Oct, bring your lunch.  Only 15 spots a year, so sign up today! A Foundations Plus Course, Judy Green and I will be sharing the knowledge I gained from the first 2 years of the 4 years I trained in Herbalism.  I trained 3 years at Forrest Green and 1 year at Sacred Plant Traditions plus many on-going conferences & webinars.  Judy Green graduated from our Course and has taken a lot of courses on her own as well. I am proud to have her co-teaching the course with me.  A Teacher at Page Middle School in Gloucester, VA., she has medical knowledge, teaches from her heart and has played a major part in creating the curriculum for our course.  When you finish the course, you will feel comfortable growing and using the medicinal herbs...you will have knowledge & confidence! We will immerse ourselves in the basics and rich history of herbalism.  We will also work on natural nutrition, teaching you to create:  Kombucha, Water Kefir, Bone Broth (we have a vegan version), Ferments and more!  You will learn some basic gardening principles and how to identify some of the wild edibles and medicinals growing on your property also! Plan on joining us! Deadline to sign up is March 13th, 2021.  Limited spots available, so decide quickly & get on the list.  Our  sincere wish is that you love your herbal journey as much as we did!  Let's begin! 


Herbal Course Dates 2021

April 17th; May 15th; June 19th; July 17th; Aug. 21st; Sept. 18th; Oct. 16th

Cost: $700.00 (7 - 6 hour sessions) we did have to increase the cost of our course by $25 this year due to the cost of supplies going up.  This cost includes all supplies except the alchohol you will need to make tinctures.  We will be creating 2-3 items each month, sometimes more, to take home to begin your own apothecary.  You may make 2 payments of $350.00 if you wish, the total due before the first class.  Deadline to sign up is March 13th, only 1/2 refund after March 20th because we will have bought all the supplies.  If you do miss a session, you will still receive all the handouts and items created that day.   Contact me to get on the list for 2021.  You will receive a complete notebook during this course for you to refer to forever.  You will receive a certificate of completion too, sign the barn and paint a labyrinth brick that will be at the farm as a remembrance to your time here...a little bit of your spirit!  You can drop off your payment at the farm when you visit or you can mail a check or money order to me:  Jean Howard, 5620 East River Rd., Foster, VA  23056  No debit or credit payment please, we strive to keep the cost low as possible and need the complete total to cover everything involved.  Just call or email me to sign up, give me your address, email and cell #  :  804-815-2839  cajfarm@gmail.com   Thank You!   -jean -

Alumni Perks:  15% off on purchases in the Yellow Barn Store, be added to the closed Facebook Group, can attend Pop-Up Herbal Classes FREE and welcome to cut herbs at the farm whenever the farm is open!  

a personal note: Besides my admission that I have no medical experience and that you should always consult your doctor before making changes in your diet or medication, I just want you to know that I realize there are many opinions & views on how to maintain good health.  The information I will be sharing comes from my Herbalist studies the past 4 years, plus my 30 year long health journey.  When I was 30, I weighed right at 200 pounds, smoked, drank too much wine and took Nyquil to sleep.  Being 64 years old now, at a healthy weight, on no Meds and suffering no pain, I will share what has worked for me.  I encourage you to always do your own investigation as well, plus only you know your personal situation.  I hope the ideas I share will get you thinking more about healthy living in hopes that you will live more happy and healthy, no matter your age! Part of the battle, with everyone so busy,  is just getting us thinking about it!  Hopefully action will then follow!  Being healthy takes dedication and work, but so worth it! Be Well!  Sincerely,   jean  


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