Farm Team Earthscaping 
Organic Landscaping for Your "Peace" of Earth!

*Let us know how we can help YOU* 

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Who we are - What we do:

  • Design, create, maintain your flower beds, gardens, small trees and property, weeding, trimming, deadheading, planting, mulching. 

  • We use all Organic Methods, we don't apply chemicals. We use salt & vinegar for weeds and earth friendly fertilizers that you supply. 

  • Can mow and weed eat if you supply the gas and machines.

  • We are a three person Team, we bring our own water, food, tools and trailer (if you need us to bring it and haul off debris...just let us know) 

  • planting, creating beds can be done.

  • apply natural fertilizers you furnish. 

  • can bring bulk orders of mulch, compost, soil, gravel....just let us know how much you need. 

  • have access to wholesale plants we can bring to you.

  • we leave our phones in the truck :) 

  • We research the job before we report to work, we price by the hour, not the job.  

  • You will get an invoice for the work emailed to you before we show up for the work-day. 

  • Access to a rest-room is appreciated.  

  • We are professional & quick! 

  • Any questions or concerns, please ask! Let us know how we can improve. 

Prices for our Work:

Our Team of 2 or 3

can get a lot done in a few hours!

(if you just need one or two people for small jobs, we can discuss)

9am-12noon - $275

1-5pm-  $300.00

9am-5pm -1/2 hour for lunch - $425.00

payable to CA & J Farm at end of the work day,

check or cash please!


Thank YOU for Supporting our Hardworking Farm Team!