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Come Drum With Us!

Our Friday Evening Drum Circles are over for 2020

but....our last Drum Circle for the year is Saturday, Nov. 14th, 1-4

the Globally Zoomed event LIVE from the Farm- Largest Drum Circle in the World! 

Details on the Farm Events page, JOIN US! 



We will be listing our 2021 Dates soon! $10 donation appreciated for Adults, FREE for anyone under 12. 

Clean Portapot, handwashing station with soap and hand sanitizer, sanitized drums, safe distancing

We will be Smudging the Drum Circle area also, this kills germs as well as negative vibes! 

Don’t Miss these Unique Farm Nights
Under the Stars once a month, Around the Bonfire, drumming, singing, dancing...
Our Fun for Everyone - Community Drum Circles
& Off-Grid "Open Mic” Nights! we always include time for YOU to perform with your guitar, ukele, poem, dance or ?...bring what you need and enjoy this relaxed venue to practice & share your talent and heart! We will have a stool, music stand & light for you, even a mic....Enjoy!

Enjoy the variety of Family Friendly Singing & Drumming
(Kid songs, Native American, Praise, Earth & more!)
Walk the Labyrinth, Tour the Farm, Enjoy the Yellow Barn Store
Games & Healthy Refreshments!
Discover the Wonderful Beat of the Drums by the Fire!
Drums furnished! Bring a Friend! 
no experience necessary! relax and enjoy the beat! 

One of the main Drums we use is the Djembe....which means "Everyone Gathered Together in Peace" 

The Drum Circles are used to reduce stress, anxiety and 
blood pressure, to increase immune system function, and to create a sense of community. 
Here is a video link that explains the benefits of a good drum circle. ​youtu.be/ORn4WpKajw4
Bring your own drum or you can borrow an instrument from us...we have some loan-ers on site.
We welcome anyone wanting to introduce a beat or song to the circle. 
Some people might like to recite a poem or tell a story... remember, this is YOUR Circle! Bare feet & Dancing encouraged!

FEEL THE HEARTBEAT!  We drum to a variety of music: Earth, Native American, Praise, Childrens Songs, Patriotic and more!  JEREMY is the beat, he leads our Drum Team, WE are the voice, leading you in song!  If you want to join our Drum Team, just ask! We meet once a month to practice and would love to have you with us....either as a Drummer or Singer.  

*Want to purchase your own drum, Winter Sound Music in Gloucester, Va  804-642-6434 
They have a great selection of beautiful Drums at good prices! Great Customer Service!  
*Interested in Drum Lessons: Jeremy Nardozzi 757-812-2680 

Remember, we welcome you performing any acoustic music you desire!
This is a very relaxed, no stress venue! Great place to practice your music in front of a friendly audience!
Just let us know...we look forward to hearing you! 
We will have music stands with clip lights & stools on site. Bring any other special equipment you need.
​The Group may join you with a little drumming to your beat!   

More Info for You!  Our Gathering might be cancelled due to really bad weather,
so check the website before coming for the most current information.  These Drum Circles are suitable for all ages and kid friendly! There will be light, healthy refreshments.

 Jeremy:  is a professional Drummer and adds his own spiritual touch to the event...it is part of his personal ministry. "I've been a percussionist for over 25 years. I love world beats and tribal rhythms."  
Definition: drumcircle, n a spiritual, communal, or 
therapeutic music experience in which participants join together in a circle with drums,
move and sometimes dance using various percussion instruments, 
voices, and other devices. 
Jean Howard- C.A. & J. Farm:  "Grounding to the Earth with Music and Community fill our Hearts with Peace and Wholeness.  Creating Music together makes our Spirits Soar! Look Out World, Hear Us Roar!"  
​Where Words Fail, Music Speaks!

RELAX - RESTORE - RELEASE  .... leave your stress and worries in the fire! 

Life Close to Nature
Sharing Our Earth - CA & J Farm

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